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Transform Your Pool With Expert Pool Renovation in Cumming, Alpharetta, and Milton

Plaster finishes are a staple in concrete pools, transitioning from traditional painted plaster in older pools to more contemporary options like plain white, quartz, or pebble aggregates. Today’s favorites include quartz plaster by DiamondBrite or Krystalcrete, Polished Marble by Hydrazzo, and various pebble plasters by renowned brands. An innovative addition to these finishes is glass beads, offering the luxurious look of glass tile without the hefty price tag.

A proper pool renovation in Alpharetta involves meticulously removing old paint through sand or water blasting and preparing the surface with a bond coat to ensure the new plaster adheres flawlessly. This crucial preparation phase usually lasts 3 to 4 days, followed by filling the pool with clean, low-metal water.

Once filled, it’s essential to follow a strict regimen for the plaster to cure correctly. This includes regular brushing and water chemistry tests for 28 days. While it’s a task homeowners can undertake, opting for our professional pool renovation in Cumming guarantees peace of mind and superior results.

For those seeking transformation through our pool renovation in Milton, we offer the same high standard of quality and care. And if you’re closer to Cumming, our pool remodeling services in Cumming ensure your pool not only looks fantastic but functions seamlessly for years to come. Trust Luke Pools to bring new life to your backyard oasis.

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We offer an array of options for pool renovation in Alpharetta, including:

Expert Pool Technicians
Pool Repair Professional

Detect and Fix Leaks with Precision

Let our team take the reins right from the start. We’ll handle the cover removal and storage, conduct thorough inspections of filtration systems, and kick off the season with a comprehensive pool cleaning. We’ll ensure your pool’s chemistry is perfectly balanced and keep you in the loop about any repairs that might be on the horizon, leveraging our expertise in pool repair in Alpharetta, Milton, and Alpharetta to keep your pool in prime condition.

Prep Your Pool for the Colder Months

The importance of winterization cannot be overstated for the longevity of your pool’s equipment. Our meticulous process includes thoroughly checking all filtration systems, making timely repair recommendations and chemistry adjustments, and adding shock and algaecide to protect against the elements. We handle the lowering of the water level, the storage of all accessories, and the secure installation of the pool cover, ensuring a smooth transition into the colder months. This essential service is a cornerstone of our offerings in pool renovation in Cumming.

Closing & Fall Winterization
Summer Maintenance Plans

Simplified Summer Care Plans

Dive into a stress-free summer with our customized maintenance plans designed to fit every budget and preference. From vacuuming to brushing, skimming, and maintaining the pumps and filters, we ensure your pool remains a pristine escape. Our team keeps your pool chemistry on point, guaranteeing an algae-free swimming experience all summer as part of our pool remodeling services in Alpharetta.

Winter Care for Unwavering Quality

Echoing the vital steps of winter preparation, our winter service encapsulates the essence of pool renovation in Milton, safeguarding the integrity of your pool. Comprehensive checks, necessary repairs, chemistry management, and thorough winterization processes are all hallmarks of our dedication to maintaining the excellence of your pool throughout the colder months, ensuring it’s ready to welcome you back when the warmth returns.

Winter Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Pool renovation in Alpharetta involves updating and repairing pool surfaces, equipment, and aesthetics. This may include plaster resurfacing, tile replacement, adding new features like waterfalls or lighting, and upgrading filtration and heating systems to enhance functionality and appearance.

The duration of a pool renovation project can vary widely based on the scope of work. Minor updates might take a few days, while comprehensive renovations, including remodeling or resurfacing, could extend to several weeks, especially if structural changes or upgrades are involved.

Yes, upgrading pool features is a common aspect of renovation. You can add modern amenities like energy-efficient pumps, LED lighting, automated cleaning systems, or aesthetic enhancements such as waterfalls, slides, and custom tiling to create a more enjoyable and efficient swimming pool environment.

The cost of pool remodeling services in Cumming varies significantly depending on the extent of the remodel, the materials selected, and any additional features added. Prices range from a few thousand dollars for basic updates to tens of thousands for extensive transformations and luxury upgrades.

Yes, we provide pool resurfacing in Alpharetta. This essential service restores the beauty and extends the life of your pool by addressing wear, tear, and damage to the surface. Options include plaster, pebble, fiberglass, or tile finishes tailored to your aesthetic preferences and durability requirements.

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