Using Ozone with Chlorinated Pools

Chlorine is an irritant, and this effect can be observed in the way it dries out the skin of people who swim regularly in pools, strips people’s hair, and can even turn blonde hair an unnatural green hue. Healthy environments do not affect people’s bodies in this way. 

Chlorinated pools also emit Chloramine, which is the familiar smell that people associate with pools. This odor can be inviting to some people, mostly because they associate that smell with the positive or fun experience of swimming, but Chloramine is actually more harmful than Chlorine. 

All of that is to say that Chlorine based pool sanitization is a cost effective solution, but it’s not a healthy solution nor is it even the most effective way of cleaning pool water, so an alternative to Chlorine is highly desired. There are some Ozone applications which still use Chlorine in the water for additional sanitization, but because oxidation from O3 removes the majority of unwanted elements, the amount of Chlorine required to treat the pool’s water is reduced by approximately 90%. For the remaining 10% of Chlorine in the pool, the Ozone process strips the harmful components out of the Chlorine, so swimmer’s exposure to Chlorine in a Chlorine reduced pool using Ozone is negligible.

Our Ozone Swimming Pool Solution

We use an Oxygen fed Ozone treatment technique for swimming pools. Ozone supplemented with Hydrogen Ion is our state of the art solution. This is a hydrogen ion technology which uses the electrolysis of hydrochloric acid to extract hydrogen from pool acid, sanitizing the water in the process. Concentrated medical-grade Oxygen is put into high voltage. 

Your pool will still use traditional pool circuitry including a heater and its normal adjacent circuits. The difference is that an additional circuit is added to facilitate the Ozone treatment process. We endorse the Oxygen fed Ozone technique because it’s three magnitudes more powerful and three magnitudes more soluble than lower priced and less effective Ozone treatments. In simple terms, this means your pool water is receiving hundreds of times more O3 than other treatments. 

The more O3 you supply to your pool’s water, the cleaner the water will be. This Ozone method is so efficient that you can actually observe the effect, and you’ll be able to see strikingly clear and pure water. Other solutions are significantly less effective, and you’ll be unlikely to detect if the Ozone is actually working. For these reasons, we heavily endorse and practice the Oxygen fed version of Ozone treatment.

Using Ozone with Chlorinated Pools

There are other Ozone water treatments that are less expensive than our Hydrogen Ion solution, but they don’t have the same profound effect on the purity of the water, and they also lack the visual wowing effect and the ultra clear presence.

Other systems generally involve some sort of electric coil which pulls ambient air through an electric field. As Oxygen is pulled through the coil and dried, it is turned into O3. The problem with this solution is that it’s a very inefficient process. In foggy or moist conditions, the heating coils can’t sufficiently dry the air enough to produce meaningful levels of O3, and as a result the water is poorly sanitized. On a molecular level, this strategy doesn’t effectively oxidize and destroy bacteria, germs, and viruses, and this can be observed in the way of pool water look opaque compared to the clarity of a Hydrogen Ion treated pool. 

A slightly more effective and more expensive Ozone treatment solution uses air dryers to pull in air, eliminate moisture, and create O3 in the process. This is generally about twice as effective as the heating coil technique, but it still magnitudes less than Ozone with Hydrogen Ion treatment, and lacks the comprehensive sanitization capabilities and the presence of an observable clarity and purity to the pool’s water. The average swimming pool needs about 6-8 grams of Ozone at 4-6% concentration, and only our Ozone with Hydrogen Ion treatment produces Ozone in this range.

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