What Causes Cloudy Pool Water? How Do You Fix It?

What Causes Cloudy Pool Water? How Do You Fix It?

It is a great feeling to have a swimming pool in your backyard because you no longer have to go swimming in crowded public pools or pay for all-summer tickets. The only challenge is how to keep your pool sparkling clean. If you have ever wondered why your pool is cloudy, then pool maintenance is the answer. One of the most significant issues you will be dealing with is cloudy water. So, what makes a pool cloudy?

Let’s find out the most common causes of cloudy pool water and how to fix them.

The Main Causes of Cloudy Pool Water

  • Environmental Causes: These include flower pollen, bird droppings, and run-offs that get into the swimming pool.
  • Water Chemistry: This includes aspects like the level of pH, chlorination, and alkalinity levels.
  • Poor Circulation: If your pool has poor circulation and has turned cloud, it could be due to blocked skimmer boxes.
  • Damaged infiltration equipment: Your pool will become cloudy if the infiltration equipment is damaged or dirty.
  • Insufficient Filtration Time: Your pump should run long enough for it to filter the pool water properly because that is what also leads to cloudy pool water.

How to Get Your Pool Water Clear Again

It is unhealthy to swim in cloudy pool water. It is imperative that you find a suitable means to get the water sparkling clean again. After identifying the cause of the cloudy appearance of your pool water, you should fix each one of these problems independently.

For example, if environmental aspects are the causes of cloudy pool water, you should use a skimmer with a very fine mesh head to gather flower pollen or bird droppings. You can repeat the process more than once a day when it is pollen season.

If your pool water is cloudy because of poor filtration, you should increase the pump and filter runtime to remove suspended matter that might be responsible for the cloudiness. If the filtration equipment is damaged, you should replace the damaged parts to improve their efficiency. If the filtration equipment is clogged, consider asking your pool technician to carry out routine maintenance to keep it cleared.

If the problem relates to calcium hardness, the only solution is to partially drain the pool and refill it with fresh water to reduce even more calcium buildup.

Contact Us If Your Pool Is Cloudy

Sometimes, it is difficult to determine what causes cloudy pool water. If you are unsure, you should contact our professionals at Luke Pools for expert pool service in Alpharetta. We will test the water thoroughly, check the workings of your pool, and then tell you the most likely cause.

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