How Frequently Should You Clean Your Pool Filter?

How Frequently Should You Clean Your Pool Filter?

Your pool filter is the essential piece of equipment that maintains the sparkling appearance of your pool. Even as it works hard to keep your pool clean, your pool filter also suffers in the process. Essentially, the debris it removes from the water can remain lodged inside the filter, so you should consider cleaning the pool filter to improve its efficiency. The question is, how often should you clean a pool filter?

How often pool filters need to be cleaned depends on your desire for optimal filtration, the size of your pool, and the type of filter you are using. Your answer lies in the filter types that determine the cleaning intervals.

Let’s discuss why it is important to maintain your pool filter regularly.

Why Your Pool Filter Gets Dirty Frequently

Several factors determine how often you clean your pool filter. These include high usage, changing weather conditions, such as heavy rains that cause runoff into the pool, too much pollen during pollen season, and an imbalance in pool chemicals. Leaves, pollen, and sand particles are the most common culprits that can clog your filter elements, and timely cleaning will guarantee optimal performance.

Different Types of Pool Filters and Their Maintenance

Generally, there are three types of pool filters, and each type has its own cleaning requirements.

Cartridge Filters

This type of filter is the most popular among pool owners. They are the most efficient and easy to use. The frequency of cleaning a cartridge filter depends on the pool’s surrounding environment, the pool size, debris, the level of sunscreen usage, and the size of the filter itself. Still, you should clean your cartridge filter once every three to four months. However, it is imperative to clean it immediately if its pressure reading is 8-10 psi above the starting level. Remove the filter, rinse it with a hose, and soak it in a filter cleaner when necessary.

Sand Filters

As the name suggests, sand filters use a bed of sand as the medium for filtration. This type of filter needs cleaning less frequently, but the filter’s condition and pressure levels will be the best way to decide how often you clean a sand pool filter. Typically, your sand filter can last about three to five years before it needs cleaning. Still, the frequency of cleaning a sand pool filter depends on the pool’s surroundings and overall pool maintenance.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) Filters

DE filters use grids coated with a fine powder, making them superior. Instead of cartridges, the DE filter uses grids, and it needs cleaning once every three to four months.

Are You Ready for a Crystal-Clear Looking Pool?

A clean pool filter is the first critical step toward a crystal-clear swimming pool. Many of the details can be overwhelming, but you don’t need to worry. Contact Luke Pools for pool renovation in Alpharetta.

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