Wondering about the Cost to Clean Your Swimming Pool in Alpharetta?

It’s been a longer winter in North Georgia this year.  But, this week the forecasts are in the low 80’s.  If you are a pool owner, then you are thinking about getting your pool ready for the upcoming swim season.

As with any pool owner, it can be a love/hate relationship with your swimming pool.

On those hot summer days, you imagine yourself enjoying the sun out by the sparkling swimming pool.

But, you can only enjoy your pool if the chemicals are balanced and the water is clear. No one wants to swim in a cloudy pool.

Wouldn’t it be nice to just hire someone to take care of the pool instead of trying to deal with the hassle of caring for a pool through another swim season?

So, how much exactly would it cost to hire someone to service your pool?

After all, how difficult can it be?  It can’t be that expensive to have someone come out, vacuum the pool, check the chemicals.


Our Rates
At Luke Pool Service, we offer three different rates.   The rates are based upon the size of your swimming pool.

The smaller pools cost  $50 a week for service and a flat rate chemical price of $11 or $13.  Those prices depend on whether you have a salt water pool or a chlorine tablet pool.

Now, just to clarify, all pools need chlorine to be sanitized.  A salt water pool has chlorine but the chlorine is generated by a salt system that makes chlorine from salt added to the pool.

Larger pools cost $60 or $65, depending on the distance that we have to drive.

If the pool is larger than 35,000 gallons or the pool has an additional body of water that is not a spa, then we charge $75 for each visit.  It takes considerable amount of time to do the cleaning on these larger pools.


This seems Expensive
We have often heard from pool owners who live in Florida or Arizona that can swim in their pool year round.  Can’t you service my pool for $35 a visit?

In those climates, there are about 10 pools on a street that get cleaned more easily in a shorter period of time, therefore the costs are lower.

It actually costs us $35 just to pull into your driveway.  These are the expenses that we must cover if we want to be a reputable pool company.

This means that we pay the employees a fair wage. We have the proper workers comp and commercial liability insurance.

We don’t operate our business out of our garage.   We don’t want the EPA showing up to tell us that we are in violation of codes concerning where you can operate a business.

We have not given our customers a price increase in more than four years even though our costs continue to rise.


Specialty Chemicals
These chemicals are not included in weekly cleanings.  Specialty chemicals are used to treat algae, calcium buildup and stains.

Pools often develop issue with phosphates, metals and copper.  This is just a part of the additional cost of having a large body of water in your backyard.

By maintaining the standard chemicals, you can often avoid these additional costs.  However, there are problems that sometimes have to be addressed


If your pool needs to be cleaned up, then the price is based upon the hours and chemicals involved to clean up the pool.  These types of cleanups require us to come out to your pool and give you a quote for the cleanup.

If we are opening your pool and taking off the cover, then we also need to come and look at the pool to see the condition of the water and how much actual debris is at the bottom of the pool.

Having a pool is a luxury.  And if you have the right people caring for it, then your costs can be somewhat predictable.  You can focus on enjoying the pool and less on having to care for it.







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