Why are There Stains on My Swimming Pool Liner?

You closed your pool for the season & you want to make sure that there aren’t any stains before your Pool Technician puts the cover on your liner pool

It makes sense to investigate any suspicious stains on the swimming pool liner.

You see a stain that you think could maybe be algae. But, after treating the stain, it hasn’t improved, so maybe it’s not algae.

It might be time to bring in a professional.

So, what other than algae can cause stains on the swimming pool liner?

  1.  Bacteria or Dirt Underneath the Swimming Pool Liner
    This could be on the concrete surface underneath the swimming pool liner.

If there is dirt or a stain underneath the liner, then it may require you to remove the liner and scrub underneath the liner. It is important to not ignore the stain because you don’t want it to grow.

Before trying to undertake this on your own, it would be best to discuss with a pool professional.

If you don’t want to purchase a new pool liner.  Then it would be wise to have a professional do the special cleaning.

It is likely that the professional may ask you to sign a waiver in case they are not able to put the liner back in the swimming pool liner track.

Stains underneath the liner are the most difficult to remove because even a special treatment of removing and scrubbing the liner may not make the stain go away.

2.   Mineral Stains
These are stains caused by the presence of minerals in the pool water, such as copper or other types of metals that enter the swimming pool water.

Mineral stains on the pool liner can be tricky.   At first glance, you may think it is algae; But, if you do the right diagnostic test, then you will realize that it is a mineral stain and not algae.

Mineral stains in the water can be removed by using the right type of treatments. An experienced pool professional will know the right treatments to remove the stain.  And, also what types of treatments can be used on a vinyl liner pool without damaging the liner.

3.   Fading on the Pool Liner from Improper Pool Chemicals
In our more than twenty years of working on swimming pools, when we have been called about a pool liner with chemical issues, it is because the homeowner did not properly care for the chemicals in the pool.

When the PH, is not properly maintained over a long period of time, it causes the liner to fade. The liner will have large spots of white that look like the liner has been bleached out.

Once the liner has been bleached out by improper PH or from having shock thrown into the pool, then the liner will have to eventually be replaced.

There is no problem having a liner that has a stain from bleaching; As long as you keep the chemicals maintained going forward, then the liner should not feed any more.

But, not keeping the pool PH can also be dangerous for the person testing the pool.  If a pool has very high PH, then it could burn your hand when you put it in the pool to check the water.





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