Three Reasons to Wait on Your Pool Professional to do the Pump Repair

At 4:30 yesterday, our phone was ringing directly after Luke had left the pool equipment repair job.   The customer wanted him to come back and fix the pump that they claim was leaking.

We performed a repair on the pool cleaner and pool cleaner pump.  The pool motor pump was shut off while the repair was being done.  We didn’t notice, even after checking that there was a leak.

We returned to the pool today and quickly found the reason for the pool pump leaking.   The homeowner informed us that they had hired another pool company to do the repair when they couldn’t get us to the pool quick enough.

The other technician had not done quality work and so the seal burst and was causing the pump to leak.

  1.   A Good Pool Professional is Going to be Busy
    In North Georgia, we are a seasonal business.  The majority of our customers keep their pools open year round.

When the customer originally called, we were unable to get to the repair within 24 hours.  It may have been a couple of days-due to being backed up.

We try to get to our year round customers within 24 hours.   But, there are times when this is just not possible.

Running a small business, there is only one owner.  As much as you would like to replace yourself, it is very difficult to find and maintain pool technicians that will stay the course to learn the repairs that Luke performs.

We have tried for several years to replicate Luke, but that is just not possible.

So, each repair is taken care of in the order in which it happened.


2.   Not Waiting will Make the Repair Wait Time last Longer

With the recent example, the customer hired another pool company that could come out quicker than ours.

The repair only held a few days before it started leaking.   The customer then thought that we had caused the leak.

When we were able to check out the leak, the customer admitted that they had hired another company that did not perform a quality repair job.

They had actually used a cheaper plumbing sealant than what we use.

So, by the time we were able to do the repair, it was longer than if the customer had just waited initially.

In the swimming pool industry, there are many operators out there seeking to make a quick buck.  This is especially true in the area of repairs.   People who are not honest will seek to make a quick buck.

They know that people just want to have their equipment fixed.  So, they are willing to bring out someone who says that they can fix the issue.

We however, live by the belief that a job should always be a quality job and done correctly the first time.


3.  A Shoddy Repair Job Could Cost You a New Piece of Equipment

There are plenty of individuals out there who are seeking to make a quick buck.  Quality pool plumbing repairs and equipment installs cost money.   A good pool professional can charge a fair price for their technical expertise in this area.

But, if the repair tech doesn’t know what he is doing and they plumb up the pool pump incorrectly or the wiring, they could burn out the pump.

A burnt out pump is going to be more expensive and more time consuming than if you had just initially waited for the Pool Tech to for the job the right way the first time.

So, even though you want the repair done as quickly as possible, just wait until your guy can come.

You may have to wait a little longer, but the work will be done right.  You will also avoid those phone calls from customers complaining about the condition of their pool equipment.

So, remember, wait until the right guy can come and do the repair.

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