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Plaster is the most common type of finish on concrete pools. Older pools generally have a plaster finish that has a coat of paint on it; newer pools generally have either a plain white plaster, or an aggregate plaster composed of quartz or pebbles. The most common plasters for today are either quartz plaster by DiamondBrite or Krystalcrete, Polished Marble by Hydrazzo or pebble plasters by Pebble Tec, SGM, or CLI Industries. Over the last few years a new finish has been developed using glass beads which give the pool a glass tile look at a fraction of the cost of glass tile.

A replaster is a process that must be properly done to ensure the new plaster will adhere to the existing pool. It is imperative that any paint is removed by sand or water blasting and properly prepped with a bond coat for the new plaster. Depending on the size of the pool, most pools take approximately 3 to 4 days to prep and plaster, then have to be filled with clean water with a low metal and mineral content.

After filling the pool, it is imperative the proper procedures are followed to ensure the plaster cures properly. This process involves brushing the plaster and testing the water chemistry multiple times a week for 28 days. Though this is a process a homeowner can handle, you can have us take care of it for you with our expert pool remodeling and pool plaster resurfacing services.

All of our plaster work is done by our in-house pool remodeling professionals, and we offer an installation warranty.

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