Jandy FloPro vs. Pentair Intelliflo-Ratings and Reviews

Jandy FloPro Variable Speed Pump vs. Pentair Intelliflo Pump 

Is one model really better than the other? Well, the answer to that would be, “it depends.”

As swimming pool professionals, we are continually looking for the best ways to provide our customers with cost-effective energy efficient products.

We’ve been installing swimming pool pumps for more than fifteen years, and the Jandy FloPro Variable Speed (VS) Pump and Pentair Intelliflo Variable Speed (VS) Pump are our new favorite models.

Most swimming pool pump manufacturers usually update their pump models every couple of years with small additions.

We will compare and contrast the current models of these two pumps.



– This pump comes in one horsepower or a two horsepower

– The size of the pump that you will need depends on, how many gallons are in your swimming pool

– The pump is well built, which makes it relatively seamless when hooking up the pump to the current pool plumbing or modifying existing plumbing

– has an easy wind down when you shut off the motor, which is not the same with the Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump
– Slow wind down is so not to damage the impeller which controls the motor

– You can program two speeds for this pump if you don’t have a controller.

– For an experienced swimming pool repair technician, this energy efficient pump is harder to install than an Intelliflo.

– The digital interface-the brain of the pool pump is not user-friendly.

– This pump at the one horsepower speed costs more money than the variable speed Intelliflo.

– The pump is harder to program than the Intelliflo and doesn’t offer as many features.

– This pump comes with a one year warranty.  But, if you want a three-year warranty, then you need to purchase a filter, pump, and accessory.

– This offer does not apply when the equipment is purchased online.


Pentair Intelliflo VS (Variable Speed)


– The Intellifo Variable Speed Pump is well built
– Comes in two models
– Easier to install than the Jandy FLOPRO Variable Speed
– Easier to operate with a clear manual display
– Drive motor is quieter.

This pump, when installed by an authorized pool professional, comes with a three-year warranty! Also, you are not required to purchase multiple Pentair products to qualify for the three-year warranty.


– No upgrades to the bases that come with the pump.

– The pump does not come with unions from the factory like the Jandy FloPro Variable Speed.


Depending on the needs of the swimming pool owner, each pump has their positives.  The Jandy FloPro Variable Speed Pump vs. the Intelliflo Variable Speed Pump both have their pros, but we would have to go with the Intelliflo VS because it is an excellent energy efficient swimming pool pump on the market.

Each of these pumps has a fair usage life.  You will need to get recommendations from your pool professional on what is the best fit for your pool.



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