Do You Need More Than One Swimming Pool Skimmer?

Do you need more than one swimming pool skimmer? You may be asking yourself this question if you are considering building a swimming pool.  How many skimmers does a pool need anyway?

When taking on new pools where there are existing problems, one of the things that we often see is the pool was built with only one skimmer.  The only reason that a pool builder would do this is to save costs or maybe to pocket more of the pool build money.

We have also seen pools built with too many skimmers.  It’s better to have too many skimmers than too few.  But, the best thing is to have the pool built with the right number for the size of the pool.


The purpose of a skimmer is to pull the water through the pool plumbing and then through the pool filter and pumps.  It is in the filter that the water is cleaned and sanitized.  Also, the skimmer keeps the water moving throughout the pool by pulling it into the pool plumbing.

When the skimmer is not on, then the water remains stagnant in the pool.  When the skimmer is functioning properly then the water is circulating in addition to the chemicals that have been added to the swimming pool.

If you are fighting algae in your pool, you want to make sure that your skimmers are functioning properly before you spend money treating the algae.  The water has to be moving throughout the pool, in order for the pool water to be treated and sanitized.

The skimmer also acts to remove large debris and leaves from the surface of the swimming pool.  The strong water current pulls the debris into the skimmer basket where it can be removed and emptied.

The more skimmers that you have in your pool, the quicker the debris will be removed from the surface of your swimming pool.


All skimmers are not alike.  The type and number of skimmers that you put in your pool will depend on the style of pool that you are building.  Also, once the pool has been built, it is very difficult to add an additional skimmer.  Not only would it be very difficult, it would be hard on your pocketbook.

When building your pool, you need to make sure that you hire the best that you can afford.   Don’t go with the cheapest.  It will cost you money in the long term.  Hire the person who will build you the best pool for the money.  A good pool builder will properly advise you on the number of skimmers that your swimming pool requires.

Follow their instruction.  The extra cost involved – if any – will save you a headache in the long run.

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