Comparison Between Intelliflo X and Jandy Variable Speed Pumps for Pools with Waterfalls

Do you have a swimming pool with a negative edge or waterfall?   Pool owners know the costs of running their pool,

especially during the heat of the summer months.   The sun beats down and the chlorine evaporates quickly.

If you don’t have the right kind of equipment on your pool, then the costs will rise rapidly

and you will be a frustrated pool owner.


If you want to be able to control your costs, especially electric, then you need to look into installing a

Pentair variable speed  pump.

These types of pumps allow you to set the pump to run at specific times when the pool

is going to be used more and when the temperatures are hotter.


Pentair offers many options for the type of variable speed pump that can be installed on your swimming pool.   You need to consult with your pool professional to determine what would be best for your swimming pool.


In, we will demonstrate that this pump can also be installed on pump systems

for negative edges and water falls, not just the main filtration system for the pool.



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