Closing Your Pool or Leaving it Open-A Comparison

“I want to close my pool. How much do you charge for that?” a new customer asked. I man-person-legs-grassexplained to the him that we charge $300 for a pool closing and gave him details about what it consisted of.

We asked the customer if he had a safety cover; He informed us that it was a new pool and he only had a solar cover.  Solar covers are good for some things but they really are not an effective way to close your pool in the winter.  It is essentially a large plastic floating cover that attracts the heat in the summer.

In the off season, it attracts the pine needles and leaves. When it is time to clean the pool, it can be very cumbersome to clean a pool that has a solar cover. This is one of the hones opinions of a swimming pool professional

I recommended that he look into purchasing a safety cover, but also that there would be a backlog due it being the end of the season.

Most pool owners that close their pool have already installed their covers.

But some who have heaters or heat pumps try to get in a little extra swimming before shutting off their pool for the winter season.

Leave Your Pool Open

Well, if you decide to leave your pool open, then you will need to figure the cost to run the pool electric. The main cost is for the pool pump. If you have a variable speed pump, then you can significantly reduce the costs associated with running your pool pump.

A variable speed pump can be programmed to operate using more electrical power at the times of the day when the temperature is warmer.

So, in the winter and fall, the temperatures are obviously much cooler, so a pump is going to require less electricity than during the hot summer months.

Other systems, such as the salt system, are generally shut off in the winter. It is not wise to waste our customer’s money by running a unit to make salt when the water temperature rarely gets into the 50’s.

The pool filter does not require electricity to run and only operates when the pool pump is running.

If you want to get a calculation on the cost to run your pool on a monthly basis, then click here to go the Jandy site.

Make sure you have the specifics on your pool pump before going to the site. Then you can have a more accurate calculation of the cost and the savings.

If you take care of your pool, then you will need to factor in your time and the cost for the pool chemicals.

If you have a pool service then you will need to calculate what the monthly cost for the labor and chemicals is for the winter months.

Closing Your Swimming Pool

If you decide to close your pool, then you need to factor in about $700-$800 dollars for the closing and opening of the pool.   The cost of pool chemicals for closing will be minimal. But, a good pool professional will not cover the pool if the water is not clear.

And, in order to properly close your pool, you will need to invest in a safety cover. The initial investment for a pool cover can be in the thousands of dollars. But, that cost is spread out over a period of 10-15 years before it’s time to put on a new cover.

So, the cost to close if you already have the pool cover is quite reasonable. But, some pool owners prefer to look at the pool even in the winter.

It is ultimately your personal choice. The costs are close, it just depends on your own preference.





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