What are Seven Reasons Luke Pools Should Build Your Swimming Pool?

It's a cold January night in North Georgia. Maybe you are wishing that Spring was here or even better, summer. Well summer is best when you have your own swimming pool.

Well, if you have decided that you can afford to build a swimming pool, then you have to decide what builder you should choose to build your backyard oasis.

Well, here are the reasons you should have Luke Pools build your swimming pool.

1. First, we are locally owned and operate in Alpharetta GA.

Our company has been in business since 2001. In addition, we attend local and national training.  We make the investment so that we can provide the most recent knowledge and skill to our customers.

For training, we are all Certified Pool Operators. This means that we have attended the classes and passed a licensing exam on small and commercial swimming pools. We have advanced knowledge of pool chemistry, pool equipment and pool repairs.

We are also members of the Georgia Association of Pool and Spa Professionals. Our owner, Luke Norris has worked in the swimming pool industry for twenty years.  He started as a lifeguard, then as a Pool Technician and for the last fifteen years as the owner of Luke Pool Service.

2) We are more than a Pool Service and Building Company

We are a team of seasoned professionals. As we have been in the business for more than ten years, we have a wide range of experience with contractors. We have contacts with top quality shotcreke, plaster, tile and pool decks contractors.

3)  We come from a Pool Service Background

We work on pool equipment every week. We service pools that were new construction. We have seen pool builders that put the cheapest equipment on the pool. This equipment may work for a few years. But, after a few years, it dies. If the pool equipment is not installed properly, then the warranty is voided.   From our years in the service industry, we know what equipment will be best for the pocket book of the homeowner.

4) Install Pentair Pool Equipment We install Pentair pool equipment.

Pentair pool pumps, filters and heaters are not the most expensive. But, they are in our professional opinion the most reliable.

Pentair pool equipment is the only company that has a three year warranty on the variable speed pool pump. Pentair was also the only company to pioneer the variable speed pool pump.

5) We don't take Short Cuts We will build you a quality swimming pool.

We have been hired to service swimming pools where the heaters were built to close to homes making it a risk for carbon monoxide poisoning. We have seen substandard pool plumbing where the builder uses the smaller pipe so as to save on cost but cut quality in terms of water flow.

We have seen many new pool builds that already have leaks within a few months after the build.

Theses shortcuts will net the builder more profit but will eventually cost the homeowner more money when it comes time to repair.

Luke Pools will use larger pipes because they are more energy efficient in the long run. We also pour real concrete equipment pads and don't use materials that will break down from the repeated exposure to the chlorine salt water.

6) We use brand name Pebble, Wet Edge Technologies®.

Our pool plaster applicator is one of only two applicators in North Georgia that is licensed by the state. The WetEdge Technology® plaster products are superior to all other plaster products, not just because of the application process but because of the type of stone used in the plaster.

7) We set up Pool Plumbing to be Super Energy Efficient. 

Most builders will do 1.5" to 2" plumbing throughout the pool plumbing pad and underground. This is probably not the best solution. The harder the pump has to work to push the water through the plumbing, the higher your electric bill is.  Sizing the pipe size correctly will result in lower energy cost with only a small increase in the pool overall purchase price.   If you are thinking of building a swimming pool, make sure you consider these factors in order to make an informed decision that will provide you many summers of enjoyment.

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