What is the Cost to Convert to a Salt Water Swimming Pool?

Winter will be over in a month.  As swimming pool professionals, we are already seeing an uptick in people calling us in anticipation of the upcoming swim season. If you are thinking of converting to a salt water swimming pool, then this post will help you clarify the difference and the cost.   Salt Water is…

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Wondering Why You Can’t Keep your Pool Clean and Clear?

WONDERING WHY YOU CANT KEEP YOUR POOL CLEAN AND CLEAR? This is probably not a question that most people are asking themselves at the end of January.   But, the swim season will be starting before you know it and once your pool is ready to swim, you want to be able to enjoy it…

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What are Three Effects of Improper Swimming Pool Chemicals?

It’s the middle of winter in North Georgia and the second round of snow is just melting.   But, before you know it, the warm weather will be here. If you are a swimming pool owner, you are thinking about the next pool season.   For most pool owners, the primary concern is how to…

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