Are You the Right Fit for Luke Pool Service?

Do you dream of having a pool built or buying a home that has a pool? Your kids would bring all their friends over to hang out at your pool, and thankfully, that enables you to know where your kids are.

Well, you can only enjoy a pool when it is clean and the chemicals and equipment are in order.

There is nothing like jumping into a crystal clear swimming pool on a hot summer day.

And, if you are lucky enough to live in Georgia, then you can still swim in your pool up through the winter months if you have a heater.

This post will discuss will discuss the right customer for Luke Pool Service.

Having a pool is a luxury. Luxuries cost money and when parts break or are beyond their reasonable life, then it will cost money to fix them.

Also, a good pool service professional has the knowledge and skills from years of working in the field to address the issues with your pool.

A good customer fit for Luke Pool Service will have the following:

1) The Customer Wants Someone Knowledgeable to Take Care of the Pool.

The best pool customer wants someone knowledgeable to take care of the pool.

They understand that taking care of multiple pools requires someone with knowledge about swimming pools to properly care for their pool and address any pool issues that may come up.

Knowledge about swimming pools can only be acquired after years of experience with working with swimming pools.

Our customers do not go with Luke Pools solely because of the price of the service.  They realize the value that we are providing with the service we render.

2) The Customer will Trust the Recommendation of Luke Pool Service.
A good customer will understand that over time, parts of a swimming pool will break. Any time something on a luxury breaks, such as a luxury car, it will usually cost more to fix. The best way to avoid even higher costs in the long run is to correctly fix it the first time it breaks.

If a customer chooses the cheaper option, then it will cost more in the long run because you will also have to correct the previous work.

Luke Pool Service is not the cheapest price pool service, but we are also not the most expensive. We will fix your issue and make sure that it’s done correctly at a fair price.

If the customer questions the recommendations of Luke Pools, then we can’t be held responsible for when problems result from issues that we had recommended needed correcting.

A good customer will trust that Luke Pools will make good recommendations because it is a necessity for the pool’s life in the long run.

We are not just trying to make money off of the customer; we are recommending things that will be good for the pool for the long term.

Making the correction will save the customer money, long term.

3) Luke Pool Service Cannot Sell Equipment for the Same Price that you Will Find Online with a Large Retailer.

When we purchase equipment with local pool suppliers, they sell it to us for more than you can purchase it online. In addition, we have other costs associated with running the business that have to be covered, so our price will be more than the equipment sells for online.

If you want us to match a price for equipment sold online and then install the equipment, we will not be the right fit to do the work for you.

Also, it may be good to remember that many manufacturers are only giving limited warranties for equipment that is not sold by them or installed by an authorized dealer. As we are an authorized dealer and installer for most of the major pool equipment brands, when the equipment is installed, it comes with the full manufacturer’s warranty.

Remember, there is the right pool service company for you. If you are looking for a professional to do good quality work at a fair market price, then we may be the right fit for you.

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