Wondering Why You Can’t Keep your Pool Clean and Clear?


This is probably not a question that most people are asking themselves at the end of January.   But, the swim season will be starting before you know it and once your pool is ready to swim, you want to be able to enjoy it as much as possible.

If you take care of your pool yourself and even if a professional cares for your pool, then their goal is always going to be to keep your pool looking great.

In order for a pool to stay clean and clear, it has to be algae free.


This is the primary cause of algae in pools and the water getting cloudy.   It’s common for people to think that as long as they are maintaining the right amount of chlorine in their pool, then the water will stay clean and safe.

This is true up to a point.  But, the chlorine will only be able to properly sanitize the water when the PH and alkalinity are at their right levels.

Issues with PH and alkalinity won’t show up as quickly as chlorine, but over the long term, the water will not look crystal and clear and inviting.

So, keep your pool chemicals balanced, the three most important ones year round.   There are other additional tests that must be periodically checked.   But, they aren’t as important as these three.

Yes.   Having a pool is a luxury.   We often hear people say that their pool is a money pit.   So, luxury’s are nice but you have to be able to afford them.   Quite often when people tell us that their pool is turning green, we ask them how often they are running their pump.

Usually they are not running the pump for a sufficient amount of time for the water to properly cycle through the pump and the filter and be sanitized.

If you leave your pump off for too long, then the water can become quickly stagnant.   And, when the water is not circulating, neither are the chemicals.

You may be saying, even though a pool is a luxury, I still try to save money wherever I can.

Well, one of the ways that you can save and still keep your pool looking crystal clear is to invest in a variable speed pump.   This is a pool pump that has a at least two speeds that allows you to set the pump to operate at a higher level during the heat of the day and then operate a lower speed in the night when the temperatures are cooler and the water is not being used.

It’s keep your pool looking great and your wallet a little healthier.

Another reason that your pool may not be staying crystal clear is because pool plumbing is not properly sized to the depth of your swimming pool.  If you have a large swimming pool, one which is more than 25,000 gallons, then you need to have the right size pool plumbing.

This means that the width of the pipes needs to be sufficient so that the water can flow at a reasonable time and then be processed and filtered back out into the swimming pool.

In pool builds, one of the quickest ways to save money is to use the smaller inch diameter pluming.   The larger the pipes, the more they are going to cost.

But if your pipes aren’t large enough based upon the size of your swimming pool, then the water won’t stay clear.

So, spend the extra money and make sure the plumbing is the right size.

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