What Pool Maintenance Companies Offer Service in Milton, GA?

The purpose of this post is to provide the consumer with a short listing of some of the companies that provide pool service to the Milton, GA area.  If you are a Milton, GA pool owner, you have many options for companies that do pool service.

Now one that you need to consider is that there will be a difference in price.   Companies that only service pools and don’t provide repairs are going to be cheaper than companies who provide both services.   A company that provides full services is going to have to lease a warehouse/office space to store their equipment, parts, and supplies.

A company that provides only pool service will be able to operate out of a storage unit.

Milton, GA is an affluent area so there is a high concentration of swimming pools.  There is a broad range of customers looking for services for their swimming pool.

Here is a listing of pool maintenance companies that service Milton.

Peach State Pools

Peach State Pools is located in Roswell, GA.   They are one of the larger pool service companies and have been in business for more than ten years.     Peach State Pools offers weekly, bi-weekly and monthly pool maintenance service.

In addition, they are a full-service backyard company that builds swimming pools.   They also can build backyard grilling areas for families that want to enjoy a staycation instead of flying somewhere to enjoy their vacation.   Their website has pictures of the swimming pools built and backyards transformed.

This company also performs repairs in addition to the pool service.   They also do new equipment installations.

Pinnacle Pool Service

Pinnacle pool service has more than one office location.   They are located in Johns Creek but provide pool service to the Milton, GA area.   Pinnacle pools provide pool service on a monthly, bi-weekly and weekly service.

They also provide repairs as well as equipment replacement.   Pinnacle Pools does not build swimming pools but focuses on pool maintenance and equipment repairs.

This pool service company has been in business for more than 15 years.   Their website states that one of their selling points is their high customer retention.

Sunrise Pool Service

This pool service company is located in Buford, GA.   Sunrise is one of the oldest companies providing pool service in the metro Atlanta area.   Sunrise provides pool service, equipment repair, and equipment replacement.   Sunrise does not build swimming pools or do swimming pool renovation based upon the information on their website.

Their website shows many pictures of the pools that they service and repair.   As one of the older companies in Atlanta, they have a large customer base and staff that assist them.

So,  these are just three of the choices for swimming pool service if you live in the Milton, GA area.   There are others but these are some of the more well-known ones.

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