What is the Cost to Convert to a Salt Water Swimming Pool?

Winter will be over in a month.  As swimming pool professionals, we are already seeing an uptick in people calling us in anticipation of the upcoming swim season.

If you are thinking of converting to a salt water swimming pool, then this post will help you clarify the difference and the cost.


Salt Water is a Chlorine Pool
Sometimes people think that a salt water pool is not a chlorine pool.   Every pool must have chlorine in order for the water to be properly sanitized and filtrated.  There are other types of systems out there for chlorinating but you generally still need to have chlorine to sanitize your pool.

A salt water pool is a pool that has a salt chlorination system.  The salt system takes the salt when it dumped into the deep end of the pool.  (It is best to dump the salt into the deep end of the pool where the drains are. Then the salt is absorbed more quickly into the pool filtration system).  The salt then passes through the chlorination system and it makes chlorine.

The only difference is that a salt water chlorinated pool is better on your pool equipment long term and the water will feel softer on your skin.

The salt chlorination system has a board that communicates with the system how much chlorine to make.

If it’s in the heat of the summer, then the operator increases the output on the salt chlorination system so that more chlorine is made.

If it’s in the fall, then you can decrease the chlorine output because the temperatures are not as high.


How Much Does it Cost
Well, the answer is truthfully.  It really depends on the size of your pool and the size of your wallet.

Just the same as when you purchase a car.  There are various grades of salt systems.  If you just want to convert to salt system and your budget is minimal, then you could probably convert to salt for around $1,500.00.

This would include the price of the salt and the install of the equipment.

If your pool is larger than 30,000 gallons, then it will most likely cost more.


How do I Choose a Salt System
Well the answer is  that it depends on your current needs.  There are a wide variety of salt systems on the market.   As pool professionals, we don’t always recommend the same system.

It honestly really depends on the budget of our customer.  We will recommend that they purchase the best system that they can afford.

If you have any type of automation system on your pool, you need to use the same brand of equipment.   Automation systems from one particular manufacturer are designed to work that specific equipment.

A salt system usually will start at a base price of around  $1,000.00 and go up from there.


Have a qualified pool professional come and give you a quote.  I don’t recommend purchasing it online.  Ask their opinion to see what system they think is best for your pool.  If you like a more expensive system, then you should wait until they can afford it.

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