What Are The Steps For A Pool Filter Cartridge Cleaning?

If you are a new pool owner, you may be wondering how often you need to clean the filer.  Well, the answer is, “It depends.”   It depends on if you have one large single cartridge filter or four separate cartridges.

Check Pressure Gage on the Filter

When you first install a new filter, the pressure gage on the filter is on a certain reading. Each cartridge filter depending on the brand will have a different pressure gage reading with the initial install.   You know it’s time for the pool filter cartridge cleaning when the gage reading is ten above the original gage reading.   On pool filters, the readings are measured in PSI.  PSI means pounds of pressure per square inch.   The PSI will differ based on the size of the pool.

If you see that the pressure gage is above a certain level, you want to get the filters cleaned relatively soon.  This is best for the filter.   And, it affects how well the unit cleans the pool.


Equipment on Off

You may think that I am stating the obvious.   But, you need to have all of the pool equipment on off.  Most pools today have an automation system so you want to turn everything to the off position.   As you are dealing with water, you want to make sure that no electric is live.

The electric needs to be on off before you open up the filter.  If you fail to do this, then you might have to purchase a new filter.   No one likes to spend more money than they have to.   So, make sure all the switches are on the off position, not just service.


Remove the Filter Cover

You will need to have a drill to do this.  Most cartridge or DE filters have a big silver ring around them.   A drill is the only way to remove the screws and to put them back and tighten them up.   When removing the cover, try to put the cover in a dry area of the grass away from where you will do the cleaning.


Clean the Cartridges

You clean the cartridges by removing them from the unit.  You don’t want to clean the cartridges or spray them down while they are still attached to the filter.   We usually put them in an area where we can use a hose to spray them down individually.

You can also place the cartridges in a bucket and allows them to soak in a filter cleaning solution.  Once they are done soaking,  you hose them down individually.   This will make your job a lot easier.   The soaking solution will have already loosened much of the dirt.

Once you have finished cleaning the cartridges,  set them carefully back into the unit and screw the cover back on.   Once the cover is back on tightly,  you can turn the power back on.  If everything goes well,  there won’t be any leaks.   But, don’t just turn the power back on and walk away.   Make sure to check the pressure gauge to see that everything is functioning properly.

If you think that your filter might need a cleaning, you should do this as soon as possible.  If you don’t want to do it yourself,  call up your local pool professional.  Even if you aren’t one of their regular customers, they will do filter cleanings.

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