Struggling With Doing Your Own Pool Maintenance?

We are halfway through spring.   Summer is right around the corner and pool owners are thinking about the upcoming swimming season.   Swimming pools are great, especially when they are in your background.

Even better is when someone else takes care of them.   If you are maintaining your own pool, then here are three things that will help you with caring for your pool.


It is possible to control the costs for chemicals you put into your pool.   With a salt system and the right equipment, the costs for chemicals can be regulated and eliminate your weekly visits to the pool store.  When you learn how to control your phosphate and cyanuric acid levels, then the chlorine can properly do its job and keep your pool clear.

You might want to contact your local pool store and ask them if they offer a pool school.   This is where they explain the basics of pool chemistry and how to do the basics with your swimming pool equipment.



If a spot of algae starts in your pool and you don’t catch it quick enough, then it can quickly overtake your pool. Being able to quickly spot a problem is key to keeping your pool clear.  By catching the spot early, you can treat it before it spreads to the whole pool.

In the summer months when the temperatures are regularly in the 80’s and 90’s, it doesn’t take long for a problem to quickly get out of control.

If your chlorine or salt levels are low, then you need to check the pool steps and around the railings.  Algae tend to show up in these places.

Knowing where to look will help you to keep everything under control.


A pool should be a place of enjoyment and in order to enjoy it, it has to be safe.   It has to be safe not only for your family but also for your visitors.    You don’t want a child’s parents filing suit against you because their child was hurt at your swimming pool.

Noticing issues with drains, pool returns or loose stone on the deck is key to keeping your pool a safe place for others to swim.   If there are any issues with these, then an accident could happen.   And, you as the pool owner would be responsible.

If you want to make sure that your pool is safe and algae and phosphate free, make sure to contact your pool service professional about maintaining your pool.

If you still want to care for your pool, call up your local pool tech and ask them if they offer pool school.   They should be able to give you the basics of caring for your pool.   That way you know your pool is a place of enjoyment and not danger.

Follow at least these three steps.   You should have a safe pool season.

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