Do You Need To Change Your Swimming Pool Sand?

Do You Need to Change Your Swimming Pool Sand?  

This might be a question you are asking yourself if your sand filter is not filtering the swimming pool water correctly.

Well, how do you know that the filter is getting clogged and not working properly? Well, you know by looking at the condition of the water.  If you think it’s time for a sand change, then it might be good to first understand how a sand filter works.

With a sand filter,  the sand-not just sand from the beach-has special features on each grain that attaches to the dirt in the swimming pool water. As the water passes through the filter, the sand filters out any particles in the swimming pool water that should not be there. This sand that is put in a pool filter is specifically pool sand.

If you were to use regular sand in the filter, then you might destroy the filter.

Installing a Sand Filter

When installing a sand filter, you should make sure before any purchase is made that you consult a swimming pool professional.   A good professional will give you a recommendation on the right size sand filter for your pool.

The size of the filter is important.  If the filter is not sized right, then you will continue to have problems at your pool.  Your pool will not stay clear and there will always be continual issues due to the clarity of your pool water.

When a new sand filter is installed, fresh pool sand is placed in the filter.   When the filter is turned on, then the sand filters the dirty pool water.   The sand grains attach to any dirt and then the clean water is filtered back into the swimming pool.

This process of filtering starts as soon as the new filter is started or the sand is replaced.

The process of installing the filter and filling it with and can be done in a few hours.  And, once you turn on the filter, the process starts.

Time for a Sand Change

It may be time for a sand change when you notice that the filter is taking a long time to filter the pool water.  Or, if you turn on the filter and the water gets clogged up quickly.   This most likely means, it is time for a sand change.

A sand change is a time-consuming process.  When your pool professional tells you that it is time for a sand change, you need to plan a few hours for the sand change.   The pool professional will have to remove all of the old sand and replace it with the sand.

This is a messy process.   But, once it is complete, your filter should b much better and you will have clean pool water.

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