DE Filters vs. Sand Filters-A Comparison



This blog post will discuss DE filters ( Diatomaceous Earth) and Sand Filters and offer a comparison. If you are considering building a pool or replacing your current pool filter, you should research which pool filter would be best for you.

If the only factor that you are considering is price, then a sand filter will be your best option.

DE (Diatomaceous Earth) DE filters are installed on pools where the homeowner wants a higher level of water clarity. This means at night when the light shines on the water, you don’t see any tiny debris whatsoever.

DE is actually made up of the tiny exoskeletons from animals.  DE is the only filter where it is best if you wear a mask when putting DE in a pool. The DE material is very fine so it can lodge onto the linings of your lungs if you don’t take the proper precautions.

Also, with a DE filter, you have to backwash and rinse three times each time you do a full backwash of the filter.

And, before doing a backwash of a DE filter,make sure that you have sufficient DE on hand. This means, that you need to put in three cups of DE into the pool skimmers after you have completed the backwash.

After completing the backwash, you add the three cups of DE into the skimmer. If you fail to do this immediately after, then you can damage the pool filter.

The DE fIlter is the comparable to cartridge filter in price.

A qualified pool professional can tell you what type of filter will work best for your swimming pool depending on your budget and the needs of your swimming pool.

The cartridge filter is the third type of pool filter. People that have limited options on their pool pad often choose a cartridge filter. This filter is tall and thinand doesn’t require as much space on the pool equipment pad as a sand filter, which has a large bowl.

The cartridge filter is one of the more expensive filters due to the fact that you have to pay for an additional set of cartridges or pay to have the cartridges cleaned every six months.

The cartridge filter is often a filter of choice because it doesn’t require any backwashing.  Just, the six month maintenance cleaning of the cartridges.

The cartridge filters and the DE filters can each last up to ten years or more.   If you properly care for the filter, then the unit should easily last ten years or more.

Maintenance of the water pressure and the pool chemicals will always help to ensure the longevity of your swimming pool equipment.

Both the DE filter and the Cartridge filter have their plus’. When making this choice, make sure to always consult with your swimming pool professional.

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