Do You Need to Change Your Swimming Pool Sand?

swimming pool sand | Marti Norris | July 3, 2017

Do You Need to Change Your Swimming Pool Sand?  

This might be a question you are asking yourself if your sand filter is not filtering the swimmming pool water correctly.   

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Wondering How to treat a Green Algae Pool?

green pool | Marti Norris | May 31, 2017

Wondering How to Treat a Green Algae Pool?    

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Want to Clear Up Your Cloudy Swimming Pool?

Do you take of your pool yourself?   Do you have cloudy swimming pool water from the rain and the pollen that just won't go away?   You know it is in't algae?   But, the pool just won't clear up.   The debris from the pollen just stays on the top of the swimming pool surface.   

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Struggling With Doing your Own Pool Maintenance?

Untitled design-5-11.pngWe are half way through spring.   Summer is right around the corner and pool owners are thinking about the upcoming swimming season.   Swimming pools are great, especially when they are in your background.

Even better is when someone else takes care of them.   If you are maintaining your own pool, then here are three things that will help you with caring for your pool.

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Home Warranty Vs. No Warranty for Swimming Pools?

If you own a home-really the bank does-it can feel like it's a money pit at times.   Every one wants to find a way to be able to anticipate unexpected costs for the home.   Replacing a dishwasher, refrigerator or other appliance is usually not cheap.

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What is a Reasonable Cost for a Swimming Pool Opening?

pool opening | Marti Norris | April 28, 2017

This morning, I went to bid on a pool opening.   It was a relatively large rectangle vinyl liner pool.  I met the homeowner who informed me that htey had never owned a pool before. 

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Chlorine Tablets vs. Liquid Chlorine

pool chemicals | Marti Norris | April 24, 2017

Another pool season is here.   If you spent too much last summer fighting algae in your pool, then you might want to consider other options this  season.  One of those options is a salt water system.   Depending on the size of your swimming pool, this system will cost between $1,000-$2,000.   This is includes the cost of the salt.   If you have a large commercial swimming pool, then it will cost more.

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What Pool Maintenance Companies Offer Service in Milton, GA?

pool maintenance | Marti Norris | April 21, 2017

The purpose of this post is to provide the consumer with a short listing of some of the companies that provide pool servie to the Milton, GA area.  If you are a Milton, GA pool owner, you have many options for companies that do pool service. 

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What Does Swimming Pool Leak Detection Cost in Atlanta?

| Luke Norris | April 17, 2017

You've noticed that the water levels in your pool seemed lower than normal.  If you have a good Pool Boy, then they will have already told you that your water levels are below what they should be.   They will tell you to do the bucket test.  If your pool fails, then it is time to call the leak detectors.   The reason that fixing a leak is so important is that your pool pumps cannot run when there is not sufficient water.   They will burn out. 

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Why are There Stains on my Swimming Pool Liner?

| Marti Norris | April 14, 2017

Spring is here, your Pool Technician takes the cover off.   You are excited for another swimming season.   But, upon a closer look, you see there are stains on your swimming pool liner.   You ask your pool company to take a look at it.   After trying to treat the stain as it looks like algae, the pool company says this is something other than algae.   

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