Are you Thinking of Replacing your Indoor Swimming Pool Heater?

It’s still winter in North Georgia and not warm enough to jump into the pool.  However, there are plenty of people who would like to be able to use their pool.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have a properly working heater, then it will be an icy dip, even if your pool is indoors.

The best way to enjoy that dip is to have a properly working pool heater or heat pump.

Are you thinking of replacing your indoor swimming pool heater?

Well, before you make a buying decision, you should consider these three things.  Taking the time to make sure you make the right decisions will ensure that you have the best new heater installed that will last for as long as possible.


Don’t Buy Online
Yes.  We all want to watch our pocket books and buy the best quality at the cheapest price.  When purchasing a heater, one choice you need to avoid is purchasing the heater online.

Many consumers are drawn to purchasing online because the prices are usually cheaper than what you would purchase from a local distributor.

This is because the online sellers purchase heaters in bulk and can then sell them at a higher price than what they purchased them for.  The higher price still is a considerable mark up from what they purchased it from the manufacturer.

A local distributor has to purchase it from a local wholesaler.  The markup of the internet seller’s costs is still going to be less than what you would pay if you went directly to a wholesaler. This is because they don’t purchase the volume since they are usually just in a local retail market, not a nationwide market.

When you purchase online, you don’t receive the full manufacturers warranty.  Online, you will usually receive a 60-day warranty; hopefully your installer will warranty his work but it will likely not be the full manufacturer warranty.

If you purchase directly from the professional installer from the industry, then you should receive the full manufacturers warranty.

In many cases, this can be up to two years.

If the installer takes the continued education with the company, he can offer those extended warranties as part of purchasing from him as well as him doing the install.

There really is truth to the statement,  “You get what you pay for.”

So, yes, it’s tempting to go with the cheapest heater price, but it will hurt you in the long run when you don’t receive the full warranty on the unit.

Also, having an authorized Swimming Pool Professional installer do the work will pay off long term.

An ethical authorized installer will be motivated to do a great installation.  They want to retain the authorization from the manufacturer.

In addition, they will be required to honor the warranty.

So, purchase from an authorized installer not an online big box retailer.  They will not do the installation.


Have a Licensed HVAC person

If you have the luxury of an indoor pool heater, then you need to spend the extra money to make sure that your gas lines and ventilation lines are all in proper working order.

A good swimming pool professional will not try to do the install.  They will be more concerned about the safety of the pool owner than making their money.

Ask the swimming pool professional for a recommendation on a reputable HVAC person.  You want to have a professional that is very familiar with this type of install work.

Cutting corners could put you at risk for serious injury or even death.  The chance of carbon monoxide or gas leak is very real when the work is not done by a highly competent professional.


Have Proper Indoor Ventilation

When updating your indoor swimming pool heater, it is always wise to do a check on your ventilation systems.   More than likely, the heater is more than five to ten years old.

It is always a wise choice to have a skilled professional on indoor ventilation systems check to make sure that everything is in great working order.

Just as with the HVAC system, this is an area where it is not wise to risk taking chances.

Save until you can afford to do everything right and be aware of the precautions.  Keep your family safe and buy the right system.

So, remember, purchase from an authorized installer who will also do the work and double check all your ventilation systems.  You will then be able to enjoy a warm pool while the outside temperatures are still too chilly to swim.





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